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Hello ICON Magazine is the first digital space where Art nurtures, empowers and create connections beyond all racial, gender, religious, age and ideological differences. Founded in January, 2021 after a virtual curation of stories inspired by the 2020 global lockdown, We thrive as a platform #WhereArtMeetsPurpose

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Say Hello To The ICON, Anah Ambuchi

Anah is one of those young bright minds that simply leave us in awe with their level...

Say Hello To The ICON, Todd Lien

Even from afar, Todd shines so brightly, his glow and unique passion as an actor is so...

Say Hello To The ICON, Liliana Tani (Lulu)

Here’s to one who is beautiful inside out. Here’s to the amazingly talented LuLu. We describe her...

Shattering the Wooden Ceiling: Meet Ivy Teffu, the Carpentry Maven Chiselling New Paths for Female Youth Entrepreneurs

    As South Africa observes Youth Month in June, a time dedicated to honoring the determination...

Say Hello to the ICON, Kristián Mensa

Kristian is passion personified. The kind that can be seen even from afar. His Art as a...

Say Hello to the ICON, Kento Moriguchi

Kento is a total inspiration and a total joy. He is a perfect reflection of how dreams...