Say Hello To The ICON, Liliana Tani (Lulu)

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Here’s to one who is beautiful inside out. Here’s to the amazingly talented LuLu. We describe her as a super brilliant young artist with a powerful voice with deep deep lyrics and a heartwarming rhythm. Isn’t everything about Lulu heartwarming really? From her beautiful heart in itself to her sweet and lovely personality. A number of things endear Lulu to our hearts, from how her individual goals align with our collective vision of combining talent, purpose and impact. To how she effortlessly thrives in her versatility as a singer, songwriter and instrumentalist.


Join us on this special Anniversary ISSUE- As Lulu shares on her awe-inspiring story and a truckload of inspiration on her journey as a versatile creative.


Enjoy and Stay Inspired


We are in awe of your brilliance as a young artist, your powerful voice, deep lyrics and heartwarming rhythm. Can you please share some highlights of how you began your creative journey as a singer and songwriter?


Thank you so much, that means a lot, because I really admire all of you as well. Thank you for having me. I started singing when I was really young. There have been a lot of people in my journey that I am so grateful for; because I feel the experiences, they have provided me with have shaped me as a person and as an artist. Some highlights that really solidified my love of music and gave me opportunities to learn and grow came from the music groups that I’ve been able to participate in. When I was nine, I joined ‘One voice children’s choir’ and that was a really fun musical experience and it just felt like a huge musical family, and it was amazing singing with people who I loved. And shortly after that, I joined ‘Kids America’ and that group gave me a lot of experience with song writing and collaborating because there were only five of us and we all worked together to write and create. We just had so much fun and the producer that put that group together really made a lot of sacrifices to mentor us and help us learn to create and find our own voice as artist. We were one of the youngest groups to skydive for a music video; that was definitely very exciting and a new experience for me. When I was twelve I joined  ‘Auker POP Kids’ and that was also a really exciting opportunity for me because I was able to work with some of the most creative minds in the industry. I got to meet Scott Howing and I loved working with Shams and Ben, they were very positive and encouraging and more recently, I joined ‘Glotivation’ it’s a musical girl group that represents the glow of the land, and that was probably the most fun I have ever had, recording and singing. And it was very exciting because I made some really great friends and I got to work on something I really loved to do. All of these opportunities have given me the best experiences to learn and grow and find my own voice as an artist and be creative. It really shaped me as an artist and I feel like I know who I am because of all these amazing experiences.


Can you remember the first song you wrote and what inspired it?

Oh! I’ve written a lot of songs actually, I don’t remember my very first one, because I’ve been writing from such a young age. But I do remember one that was one of the first ones I recorded, it was called ‘Space’  and what inspired it was really just school because people were not always the nicest and I remember just wanting to express my emotions in some way and it’s hard to talk about feelings sometimes, so I feel like through music; that really helps me express how I’m feeling, and so that song is really just about school and how hard it is to really find your place and sometimes you just need some ‘space’ to step back and find who you are before you get to know people.





  • What does Art mean to you?

For me, art means healing, it’s growth and a process. Art is something that is personal and expressive and it’s a way to show who you are. When you feel open enough to share your art that you’ve created and put your heart and soul into; it’s just a beautiful thing and should be honored and respected because it’s literally a piece of a person’s heart, and they work hard on what they do, and they are using their creativity to make something that is very personal to them. Art is just healing for me.


  • With Lulu, we are in love with not just the Art but also the Artist. We love how our goals as a brand align with yours. We see your beautiful heart combining creativity and purpose. This could be vividly felt and seen in your recent post where you joined to raise funds for cancer research as a competitor at ‘Georgia Has Talent.’ Can you share more highlights on this campaign and your experience so far being a part of the competition?


Well thank you so much! I’m honestly really so happy to be doing what I love to do, and share it in a positive way that can help other people. I feel like artists can heal hearts by sharing their creativity with others, especially if it’s used in a way that is meaningful. I’m close to my aunt Rachael who I call ‘Rara’, she’s the mother of two of the sweetest little girls who I love with all my heart. She’s been a hairdresser and a make-up artist over the years and she’s super talented and one of the kindest people I know. But in all these; her mum Corine passed away from leukemia after a very long battle. Even though she’s at peace now, I know that my aunt misses her everyday and I just really wanted to do this for her. I have participated in talent shows before and they are fun, but this is more than that. And what sets this apart for me is that; it has an amazing purpose to it, and it’s not just about showing up and showing off, it’s about raising money for a good course and using your gifts to do good in the world. Rara has done so much for me and she’s such an amazing person. She’s a lot like her mum, always looking at the positive and using her talents to make other people happy. When I saw that this talent show had a real purpose behind it, I really wanted to participate as a way to say, “I love you”.


  • Your lyrics are beyond the regular. Can you briefly share highlights of the thought process on how you choose your lyrics and song titles?


When I write music, I really just write how I feel and turn my thoughts into poetry, to turn it into a song. Sometimes, songs just kind of flow and come out naturally and others take a lot of time to develop, and sometimes you have to just leave it for awhile and then come back to it, and then the idea will start flowing. Writing things that are meaningful and might help someone feel better is what I like to do best. I like to write about my own experiences and maybe about people who are going through something similar to know they are not alone when they listen to it. Feelings of music being inspirational and lyrics shaping who a person is- it really just expresses who they are. I take writing very seriously, most of the time I just write down my own experiences and how I’m feeling.


  • Your song ‘My Home’ is another masterpiece by you. Kindly share the inspiration behind this work of Art.


I think I wrote this song in October of 2021. For some people; home is not a place, it is a person. And that is how it is for me; my family is my home. Home is just where the heart is and that’s what inspired me to write the song, because sometimes it’s just a person who feels like your home; you feel safe and you can be yourself, and they love you no matter what.


  • You thrive in versatility as a singer, songwriter and instrumentalist. Can you share a short story behind your love for the guitar? What would you consider most fulfilling about your creative journey as a singer?


My guitar was a gift from the producer of ‘Kids America’ a few years ago, he took us shopping and helped us pick our guitar he thought we would like. He played them first to make sure they were good guitars, and I think we went to three or four guitar shops before he felt good about what he bought us. I had always wanted a guitar so it was honestly a really big deal when I got to take that home, I think I actually cried with happiness because I was so excited. My new guitar teacher has really been helping me and I feel like I have been making a lot of progress, I still play that guitar from Nath, and I am thankful for him, and I always will be. It was a very generous gift, and I always will be so grateful for that because it was really what made me fall in love with guitars and that is how I have written most of my songs starting from guitar.



  • What’s your dream life as an Artist?


My dream life as an artist… I think I would love to just have a balanced life, I would love to be able to perform, especially my original songs because I think they have a very deep meaning to them and they mean a lot to me. I would love to perform, but I would also like to have time for my family and friends, and just free time. But music is something I want to continue to do my whole life, because writing music is one of my favourite things to do. In the future, I would love to have breaks, but I would also love to perform and become a well-known artist.


  • Do you feel creatives in developed countries are at advantage than those in developing countries?


That’s a hard question. I believe we can make art out of just anything. Anything around us can be made into something beautiful. This reminds me of the actor Jackie Chan, he’s a great example of this actually, when I was eleven, I’d sing at ‘Jackie Chan Green Hero’s Exhibit’ in Salt Lake city, Utah. It was a very eye opening experience for me at that age to see what he was promoting in the world. The Leonardo featured original arts made from recycled movie props and materials from sets around the world. I know where I live, we tend to be extremely wasteful, and Jackie Chan was setting an example and sending a message that we can be better and do better and he used art as a way to express this message which was a very beautiful thing. The building was covered in huge, beautiful pieces of art that was made from garbage, it was amazing to be there and see all that beautiful art and it got me thinking about how literally anything can be art and how art can have a meaning, purpose, and a message that can be unifying. I feel that the more awareness and opportunities that we have towards creating and building support for artists; the better our quality of life will be globally. I think we all need to use things we have around us to create art, you can be creative using just anything; whether it’s your voice; really just anything.

  • We love the relationship you have with your brother. And we understand balancing work time and rest time is a struggle for many Creatives. Please share a few tips on how you try to balance work time, rest time and family time?


Thank you. While my siblings are my best friends, it’s been so fun to have my brother that loves music as much as I do. I honestly have struggled in the last year with having rest time and balancing life with music, it’s probably something I would always struggle with in this industry, but I have learnt some things as I have gotten older. I think mental health is extremely important especially when we live in a society that makes us feel like we are on this treadmill everyday. There is so much to do and only so many hours in a day, and sometimes I have to take a step back and really consider how I am feeling. I think it is important to know when to take breaks, and when I start struggling in school I know it’s time to step back from music for a minute so I can put more of my focus and time on to that. And sometimes, the work in music can start to pile up as well, and so I also have to know when to say ‘I’m sorry I just will not be able to make that deadline’. So sometimes I have to pass up opportunities, but I always do with such a grateful heart, and I do love referring friends for work when I can. My family is really special and important to me as well, I try my hardest to put them first before anything and make time for them because they truly have done so much for me and supported me through some very difficult times, and they have been there throughout my entire journey, and I would love to be there for them as much as they’ve been there for me.


  • Do you listen to your songs more than those of other artists? And how do you feel when you listen to songs you’ve written long before now?


I do listen to other artists a lot. If I am being honest, when I create songs and record them, it’s a bit hard  to listen to myself sing because I always know that there is something that I could have changed or done better; but I am also very proud of what I have done. Other artists are so amazing and I get a lot of inspiration from them actually.


  • What does success mean to you?


I have been asked this a lot, and I have thought about this a lot as well, honestly. When I was little, I thought success and “making it” meant being like a world-famous household name with pop songs streaming on every platform and performing a concert and people screaming my name and stuff like that, but as cool as that would be, I don’t feel success the same way anymore. It looks very different for everyone, but I feel that I am successful just by showing up to face a new day, every single day; because everyday is different and everyday can be challenging. By showing up in school and trying my best on my work, when I come home and focus on my music and spending time with my family. Success for me is just trying to be a good person; that is a successful day for me, just working as hard as I can. And as long as I can continue to find balance, create and enjoy life and have a positive impact on the lives of others who I meet on my path; I think I am successful; I don’t want to just live and be famous, I want to live with purpose and create art that will help others.


  • Please briefly tell us something we do not know about Lulu.


Hmmm I’ve told you I’ve been skydiving, not many people know that. I can also do impressions and I love arts and drawing and I can also wiggle my ears.


  • Let’s go a little poetic: If poetry is a rainbow and you have a choice of one color in that pallette, what would that be and why?


Hmmm. Music honestly feels like a color to me, and when I hear a song, I feel a color, if that makes sense. But I think I would choose purple; because it’s a balance between two extreme colors, I think it’s a calming color for me and it represents peace, connection (maybe) even balance and love. Purple is one of my favorite colors because it has a deep meaning that not many people know of.



Massive Love Lulu!




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