Everything was divine. Because-Divine is having the Wakanda King on your maiden edition. A decision we made barely a week after his passing…
Divine, is how he effortlessly represents all we stand for. > living in the ‘now.’ Making impacts with our gifts. Showing kindness, the list is endless.
Divine is how I finally connected with Chadwick’s elder brother, Derrick Boseman. How his words served as fuel on days filled with emptiness.
Divine is how we came together to build this, with most team members not knowing each other, yet look what we built. Beyond the distance. Beyond our differences. (racial, gender, religious, age, ideological)
Divine is how we strived for excellence, with just a pocket full of dreams and a heart full of passion.
…and now we present to YOU
– A digital magazine for Creatives by Creatives
– Celebrating Artists and their Arts.
– Where Dreams call home.
– Where Art meets purpose. Cheers!