Come Say Hello To Art, Colors And Bliss Personified

An Exclusive Interview With The Legend, Thomas Hollems
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Babies are the sixth wonders of the world. With them, we all gain that strength to dare mountains and stormy seas.

Do you have any cute infant around you? Check our interview with Thomas here to see how two daughters have led to the start of a fulfilling career in art.

Enjoy and Stay Inspired:

What does art mean to you?

Art is a way to express your emotions in a concrete way, an opportunity to share your inner feelings.

To define art is hard, because it all depends on the eye that sees it. Art to me might not be art to you.

In a busy world it’s a relaxing hobby to me making motions and hoping to be able to touch and inspire somebody.

Can you remember the first animated video you made and what inspired it?

To be a parent of two amazing daughters, makes you proud and eager to capture each and every single moment of their life. They are the very reason why my interest in photography started.

First as plain clicks, then manipulation, later I developed it into motion art, combining it with my huge devotion for life in outer space. Later it became much more refined and the inspiration would also come from other artists on Instagram. I’m told now that, I’m an inspiration to other motion artists, it makes me proud and humble. It obliges you to do your very best each time.

What is the drive behind what you do as an animator?

To be featured in the September edition where the theme is legendary, and to be named as a legend touches me deeply. Art without a drive, is not art, as simple as that. Passion is a must in art as it is in love.

Drive is the force which takes it to perfection, in love, in life and in my art. From one work to the next I need to step it up, always a level higher.

My audience are the judges and I will always put a lot of effort in pleasing them, without an audience, it makes no sense.

I hope to be known by my characteristic style and skills, this is what I’m driven by.

How was growing up?

It was a much simpler time then, growing up as a native born American in the 70′ th and 1980.’ We were permitted to spend time out of the house so we ran a little loose and crazy. We did things that would give parents today heart – attacks, but the love from my parents were always there, I never doubted it.

The slangs were rad, cool, nice and bad. As a kid I would collect all kinds of crazy things, in fact I still do, like wires and electronics.

Back in highschool my favorite class was art, and I would draw for hours, still today whenever I have the time, I grab a pencil and paper and draw with my daughter Valentina and spend hours. I remember my childhood as full of love and confidence.

Describe what triggered the work you did with your daughter?

My daughters inspire and support me in all the art I do, they are the reason I keep going. I would always ask their opinion before posting. This specific work occurred after listening to the track my  daughter Clarissa played on repeat for days and days  and together we picked a photo which would suit the music.

It turned out perfect together! Often it would start with the mood music can create and I take it from there.

Do you feel Creatives in developed countries are at advantage than those in developing countries? 

Early exposure to creativity improves educational outcomes and build confidence and art. Teaching them empathy and creative problem solving

Developing countries has a long history of creativity as culture but we need the government to support it, which is a big challenge. Art and creativity is the key to a better world. It’s not a shortage of talent but more understanding of the vital role art plays in creating national pride and a happy youth.

Who are your ICONS in the creative industry?

To be honest, I never gave it any thoughts, so I guess I’m not a person to put people on a pedestal, it could be an advantage in terms of creating more freely and not copy paste others style and design. I’m often told that I’m a  first mover and a role model in motion. I believe, I have my own signature.

If you would do a collab with any other artist, what art would that be?

I did a few collaborations with friends from IG. As an example, I did one with Gitte, who is a phenomenal photographer . Titled “EAST SIDE” @frank_gitte 

If poetry is a rainbow what color would you chose and why?

The colors of the rainbow are all amazing, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. My all time favorite color is blue. Blue represents both sea and sky and associates with open spaces, imagination, intuition, trust, loyalty and sensibility. Words that describes my personality.

Blue has a positive influence on your body and mind. Blue helps to balance and calm. It is the color of the spirit. Blue can be strong but also light and friendly.

I’m convinced the color you prefer will be the color that reflects your personality.

What is  success to you?

The path to success begins by asking yourself  “hat makes me happy?” 

Try to see yourself as successful, if you assume you’re a failure untill you reach a certain goal, you will never be satisfied and happy. Ask yourself, where have you already had success and build on top of that. Success is both a goal and a journey. When we reach certain milestones, that is an element of success, but from there push it higher and better, this is my path to success.

You Are Everything Beautiful Thomas.

From The Entire ICONIC Team,

Massive love!

Thrive on!!

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