What Next After The Grammy Awards?

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The entire world has been buzzing about the just concluded 64th Grammy Awards and its standard for deciding the winners of each category. For a lot of people, the Grammy Awards still remain one of the most transparent awards that recognizes true and thorough work of art.

Meanwhile, for a recognizable pack across the world, the standard for deciding the winners for various categories is being compromised, hence the reason so many people “who do not really deserve the award” win it.

As a matter of fact, just after the conclusion of this year’s edition, a legendary rapper SnoopDogg came out to stylishly voice out his piece over not winning any of the 19 categories he was nominated for in the Grammy Award.

He said in a video,

“Grammys. 19 Nominations no wins thanks. You all have fun at the Grammys.”

While his words were not so direct to decipher deep meanings, he obviously has the right whatsoever to scribble anything and at anytime because in all reality, Snoop Doggy has been a light to the art community, music community and to the world at large.

On the flip side are the other norminees, especially the African artistes such as Burna Boy, Femi Kuti, Lady Smith, Black Mambazo and Big Wiz, popularly known as Wizkid who have not said a word about the decalaration of Angelina Kidjo as the winner of the Best Global Music Album Category. However, the fans of these nominees across the globe will not have it.

Showing how passionate they are about supporting their own unflinchingly, some fans of these nominees screamed out loud in text:

Undoubtedly, airing their feelings about the Grammy Awards and the results is allowed, because being able to constructively parade facts to position and uphold truth as well as thoroughness in a Global Award like the Grammies is an art cum act that will forever be plausible to humanity.

However, the lack of constructive feedbacks is one that could be tagged a drawback to the progress and clean perception that EVERY WORK OF ART is supposed to record, because, while those who lost the categories are humans, those who won are humans too, thus it will only be passable to feel that they deserve the win and their work is accepted.

Whether it is a win or a loss, every artiste in the world is a light as they have been a source of encouragement, hope, laughter, comfort, fun, solution and everything beautiful to the universe and they deserve a feeling of immense value and appreciation.

If this is unquestionable, then we beg to ask the question, What Next After The Grammy Awards?

Without mincing words, relishing the moment of art presented by Grammy Awards and without malice, congratulating those who won while exonerating those who lost should be the banner that should be upheld by all and sundry.

Reconfirming and applauding the fact that every art and heart has a platform (like Grammy Award) in the world to be recognized and shine is a to-do every hands, minds and mouth should embark on.

Lifting up and not bringing down every champion-er of art, especially these musicians, irrespective of color, age, status, clime, gender, country, genre and all, is a responsibility that needs to be taken on across the nook and crannies of the world.

Definitely not hate!

Not partisanship!

Not disloyalty to art!

Not bickering!

This is because at the Grammy Awards, both the artistes nominated and not nominated for any category deserve the best of us, because THEY ARE ALL EMBODIMENTS of ART.

Consequently, each uttered or typed word is supposed to beam a light to a seemingly dark world. It is supposed to clear a rough path for the smooth-singing of the glorifying names of these artistes, anybody and everybody, because we are all lights, irrespective of our type of art and the world needs US.

The 64th Grammy Awards confirm this, hence the massive work put into spotlighting ALL OF US – our thought-pattern, culture, life, aspirations, as seen and projected in each of the nominees.

Therefore, even beyond the Grammy Awards, everyone nominated or not deserves the best from us, because WE ARE ALL EMBODIMENTS of ART.

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