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Hello, Readers!
I am Lateefat, your frisky book reviewer, and I like to write my reviews in the most perkiest, engaging and whimsical way. So, if you are looking for a review you’ll read with a muscular frown on your face — Oops! This one is not it.
Today’s review is on one of the most popular books currently, in the country; “NEARLY ALL MEN IN LAGOS ARE MAD”. Warning: quite a number of obscene words in this.
Let’s get into it.

The book “NEARLY ALL MEN IN LAGOS ARE MAD” is a collection of short stories written by the Nigerian Author, Damilare Kuku. The book consists of 12 Chapters, describing the lamentable experiences of several Nigerian women in the hands of Lagos men and relationships.
The book utilizes wit, humor and creativity in exposing the craziness that exists in finding true, lasting love in the wildest city in the world, Lagos.
In my less sensitive word, it analyzes the common ‘madness’ various Lagos men tend to exhibit on a daily basis. From cheating scums to ‘mummy – pamper me’ adult men down to fake life boy swindlers from the trenches. The description is harsh. I know.
As mentioned in the book title, the settings in the chapters are in Lagos and it contains short stories that is of good advantage to people who do not enjoy reading large or long novels.
The first thing I welcomed and enjoyed about this book was her narrative style. It is unique because it is less common to see stories written in second person. The constant use of “You” felt like I could just see her pointing a finger at me. Like, I know your story and I’m telling you what you did.
My favorite Chapter was the first one “Cuck Up”. It gives a glimpse into the life of a typical Nigerian wife, Isi, who, despite being married to a lazy entitled man, Lukumon, who readily persuades and gaslights her into engaging in an extra marital affair to satisfy his own selfish wants, still exhibits patience and calm in the marriage, for the sake of their daughter, Kitan.
I was captured on the very first line introducing the chapter which read, ” One night, you will calmly put a knife to your husband’s penis and promise to cut it off”. It piqued my curiosity. I mean —-what?.
Why would you do that? I wanted to know and as I read on, with every line, I fell more and more in love with this chapter. I love how she describes scenerios, employing a bit of humor every now and then.
When she wrote “You will be amused that she calls it (penis) member, It will make you smile”. Oh it did make me smile. It was totally ridiculous and very apt. Typical africans of the older generation tend to find their throats knot when it comes to mentioning these sexual words. It feels like a bitter phlegm on their tongue. They like to be ‘decent’ about it. Understandable to an extent.
I also enjoyed how she describes romantic things “……leaving sweets, and sweeter notes”. Poetry!
I laughed out loud at the part where Lukumon had argued that Isi was wasting money on sending their daughter, Kitan to a private school when she could thrive in a public school ” ….and turn out well, just like he did”. It was hilarious because he is a useless man and when you read the book, you would laugh too.
Above all, I admire Isi’s calm, yet resilient and supportive attitude. Despite her husband’s mindless display of laziness in taking a job offer serious, Isi writes the CV for her nonchalant husband, prints and submits it on his behalf.
My favorite part was her relaxed demeanor amidst the whole ruckus Lukumon’s family were displaying and how she mockingly said to his mother, “Ask your son why he made me sleep with another man for money”.
My other favorite chapters were Annoited wife, Ode- pus complex and A lover’s vendetta but unfortunately, I had to stop reading this book at Chapter 8 “Cat Fish”, which brings me to what I dislike about the book.
I am not prudish o but I got tired of reading the erotic words. It started to get banal and distasteful for me. Personally, I am not a fan of romantic or erotic novels. I easily tire of them especially when the entire theme is focused on sex and passion.
As I read on, I was looking forward to at least one chapter that was totally about something else without the mention of obscene words or acts and when I got to Chapter 8 “Cat fish” and at the first line, ‘dick’ welcomed me, I said Okay bye and shut the book. I did not want to read another chapter of sexually starved men and definitely do not want to keep reading about their ‘member’.
If you have no problem with erotic novels and not such a ‘baby’ like me, you will most definitely enjoy this book, hence, I will only recommend this book to adults, probably above 20 because of the X-rated words in it.
NEARLY ALL MEN IN LAGOS is a fantastic read and will most definitely keep your mind engaged and your mouth, laughing. It is a very real and relatable story because 80% of women must have had one or two experiences with some of these Lagos demons called Men. Apologies o to my Lagos male readers. No, I do not hate you.
I’ll rate this book 7/10 as I did not read it till the end and I’ll also advise that you read this when you are close with your ‘bobo’ or husband. You’ll thank me when you read it.
Also, You might give it a better rating when you read it but I think 7 is fair for me.
Good luck and I hope you enjoyed the review.

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