The Revival: A Poem dedicated to The Maverick City Music

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Let there be light!

And there, was the Maverick City Music
A flood of bright lights illuminating dark places
A force of worship bringing heaven down to earth
A symphony of healing, health and wholeness
A taste of true worship that knows no boundaries.
The joy that comes with freedom to just be ourselves in the presence of the Father

It’s the void that fills when our legs sing and our hearts dance to the songs of revival
It’s the peace that comes with every lyric melting into our souls. It’s the gradual healing it brings to a world full of chaos.

Where true worship becomes a safe space
Where creatives connect to the Creator, for ain’t we all artists in our various unique ways?
It’s the connection and relatability in every rhythm and truth echoed.
A beautiful intertwine that plugs us all back to our source.

They say music is food to the soul
And we say, we have found that balanced diet at the Maverick City Music

Here’s to songs that feed our spirits, edify our souls and fire up our bones.

And for these Million Little Miracles
We say

Spoken Words By:
Odion Kadiri
Content Strategist
Quineth A.
Lead Columnist

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