Say hello to The ICON Shantanu Mishra

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Here’s to Shantanu, a highly inspiring creative. Sometimes light comes from the darkest times of our lives. Shantanu, a 3D modeling artist captivates us with how he tells tales of both the history and foresight of the creative industry through his works. His openness to growth, selfless definition of success, his strong connection to his roots and how he constantly challenges himself to be better are some of the many rare beautiful and unique things we love about him.

Join us on this special issue-
As Shantanu shares a truckload of inspiration on his journey to a creative, beautiful highlights of his projects and everything in between:

Your works are beautiful. Inspiring. Enlightening. We love how they tell stories of both the history and foresight of the creative industry.
Can you please share a glimpse of how you began your journey as a 3D modeling artist?

I was actually studying architecture but then had to drop out due to personal reasons. That put me in a bind. I was stuck, unsure of what to do with my life at the time. And it was art that saved me. That’s how I got back into art. And as a byproduct, I discovered 3D modeling, VFX, and a new path forward. It shaped who I am as a person. It shaped my personality. In terms of telling stories through art, I believe that history has shaped us into the people we are today that we are the dawn of tomorrow and that combining the two will result in a beautiful creation.

‘SuperPower by 2050’ is an awe-inspiring series you have been working on lately. Can you please share more highlights on this?

SuperPower by 2050 is a unification of two different cultures, the Sci-Fi art style, and Indian folkways. I considered creating something that combines the two worlds I’ve witnessed throughout my life. I was born in a place that was and is very close to its cultural element and later on relocated to a metropolitan. As a result, I was exposed to (a) the Indian heritage and (b) the material that flourished with the current pop culture. My life is an amalgamation of these elements.

How was growing up like?

Growing up was a far cry from the life I now lead. It was all about simplicity, hard work, fun, and love. Although the change in lifestyle has had an impact on me, I’m still tied to my roots. Seeing people dressed in traditional attire and going about their daily lives, children having fun in the rain and mud fills me with nostalgia and makes my heart smile.


What does Art mean to you?

For me, art is a form of expression. Since my childhood, whenever I have a question, I have asked it through my art. We know perception is subjective and art is something that helps my ideas to be heard and seen while also encouraging people to seek out new perspectives. Some new concepts, providing them with new things to look at and marvel at.

Your works are indeed a beautiful display of Art and purpose. One of the perfect reflection of this was when you shared- Kanya, the celebration of Art and technology.
Please share some more insights on this.

Kanya was a product of me upscaling my art to challenge myself. If you’ve seen my previous work, you’ll notice that the elements of science fiction and traditional culture are presented in a new light but you will still be able to distinguish between them. I created Kanya to exemplify that we don’t have to make a distinction between the two. The cultural elements will naturally coincide with the sci-fi elements. As I was able to successfully unite these two disparate elements in that artwork as if they were made for each other, that piece of art means so much to me. It’s the happy marriage of two different cultures.

You recently shared on how TradPunk means Traditions and Cyberpunk. Please share why this is your favorite genre of Art.

It’s my favorite genre as it’s so diverse. It is only being investigated by a small number of people. And I am confident that with this art style, we will be able to include many elements of our history that have yet to be discovered from an artistic standpoint. And what better way than art to discover our forefathers’ beautiful history and our very own new world?!


Do you feel creatives in developed countries are at advantage than those in developing countries?

To be honest, I trust that each of us is fighting our own battle and has no idea what others are going through. Although the global village has made it easier to rise in the digital era, I believe developed countries still have an advantage in terms of networking, exposure, and opportunities that present themselves. I had to create opportunities for myself and then take advantage of them. Simply put, half of our dreams are realized where their struggle begins. To even consider art as a career, let alone earn a living from it, I had to close my eyes, take a leap of faith, and hustle every waking hour. There it is, as you can see, a significant difference.

Dreams. We believe every creative has a dream. Aspirations and goals that give us utmost fulfillment when we reach them.

As a creative, how would you best describe your ‘dream life.’
My goal is to establish art as a viable career option in India. When it comes to my “dream life,” I want it to be purposeful and fulfilling, where I can continue to create art and where my people and I are loved, happy, and healthy.



We understand how balancing work time and rest time is a struggle for many Creatives. Please can you share a few tips on how you try to balance work time and rest

My job is divided into working hours and breaks. I also keep a daily and weekly to-do list. To strike a balance between work, rest, and life, I’ve discovered that being most productive in the morning before lunch helps. On days when I feel sluggish or unproductive, I start timing my tasks and other activities to be more alert. Making a system has been extremely beneficial. Because my screen time is so high, I’m trying to make it a habit to take 10-second breaks every now and then; I’m still working on it.

What would you consider most fulfilling about being a 3D modeling artist?

The first “your items sold” email from the NFT marketplace was by far the most fulfilling. It’s gratifying to see how my work is being recognized and appreciated by viewers and buyers.


If you could do a collab as a 3D storyteller with any other artist, what art would that

I’d love to collaborate on a desi-themed futuristic short film with an animator.

Who are your ‘ICONS’ in the Creative Industry?

Ian Hubert and Beeple

What does success mean to you?

My definition of success is making my loved ones happy.


Let’s go a little poetic: If poetry is a rainbow and you have a choice of one color in that pallette, what would that be and why?

The gradient or we can say, @the_greydient of red. The color of love, life, passion, and anger, all of which are important aspects of my identity as an artist.

Please briefly tell us something we do not know about Shantanu Mishra.

I am an outgoing person, but I also enjoy my own company and watching the world go by. There are times when I just disconnect myself from the hustle and sit quietly somewhere, perhaps go outside, to a park, and just observe what’s going on around.

Massive Love Shantanu!


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