Say Hello to The ICON, Megan Tibbits

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Here is one whose music is balm to the soul, and cool water to troubled hearts. It’s always a joy for us to see creatives whose lives and works unashamedly declare God’s goodness, and embody total devotion and surrender to Him, Megan shines beautifully as one of these ICONS.

Join us on this special issue –
As Megan shares a truckload of inspiration on her journey to discovering God for herself, memories of her childhood, her journey as a creative and everything in between.

Your voice is that type that is not only beautiful but soothing. The type that releases peace to the heart and brings healing to the soul. Please share some highlights of how your journey into music began.

This is very kind of you to Say! I come from a very musical family. My mom was a teacher, and my dad was a banker. They quit their jobs, bought a motorhome, threw a bunch of crazy instruments in the back, and we went on the road as a family band. I grew up in and around music, and it quickly became a part of me.

You’re a great singer who doubles as a songwriter. Can you remember the first song you wrote, and what inspired it?

I wrote my first song when I was 12. I wrote it as a ‘gift’ to my sister for her 16th birthday. It was a terrible song, haha, but sweet nonetheless.


At Hello ICON Magazine, we believe and agree nothing can substitute the place of God in the life of every human. Beyond religion. Beyond depression and even the happy times. Beyond failure and even success. There will always be that void until one finally connects, maintains and sustains a personal relationship with God. Can you please share some highlights of how you connected with God on a personal level for the first time? And how you have maintained that relationship overtime.

Growing up in a family with faith, it was a journey to figure out my connection with God on my own. I had significant moments with God growing up, but it was in college when I made the decision to love God for myself, and dedicate my life to Him. Since then, I have gone on a journey of unlearning ways I had grown up thinking about God – that He was a scary, perhaps even an angry God, ready to smite me if I ever made a mistake. Along this journey, I came to understand Him so differently; as a loving, incredibly gracious God who does not expect me to achieve perfection, but desires for me to simply rest in his grace and live a life surrendered to Him.

Jo Nketiah, an inspiring poet (and also one of our past interviewees) made a remarkable statement about how God is not just taught, but discovered. Can you share any special tips that could help individuals better discover and connect with God?

It changed everything when I discovered that God wanted to communicate with me. Through His written Word, absolutely, but also through the Holy Spirit speaking to me. It was then that I began praying differently. Not just talking ‘at’ God, but taking time to listen to Him, to ask Him questions, to commune with Him like a beloved friend.


How was growing up like?

I grew up in a small town in Michigan, making forts, sledding on snowhills, playing sports, and traveling the country in our Family Band. I started singing on stage and on albums before I was 3!

What does Art mean to you?

Art is an expression of the depth of the human experience. It has the ability to unite humanity in a way that not much else can.


‘I found what I didn’t know I was looking for.’ These are some deep and lovely lines from your song – ‘New Life.’ In one unique way or the other we all probably have gotten to this phase of our lives. Can you please share the inspiration behind the song.

I am a planner. I love to know what is going to happen, when it’s going to happen, and I want to have already figured out how to manage and deal with it all. But I have realized, in my journey of letting go of ‘my way’, that the most beautiful things in my life have come in ways that are so different than how I would have planned or imagined them. Jesus often shows up in these ways. He shows up as the answer to so many of our questions and issues, when we weren’t even looking for Him. He showed up in my life and gave me Himself as Prince of Peace in place of anxiety, as King of Kings in place of my trying to be Lord of my own life, and as Rest in place of my striving and need for control. He offered me a new life I couldn’t have imagined.

Do you feel creatives in developed countries are at advantage than those in developing countries?

Absolutely. The resources available to artists in developed countries create pathways for these artists to move their creativity forward with much more ease into a career. I wish this was the case for artists everywhere.

Creatives have been described as ones with the ability to feel things deeply. Living in a world full of so much chaos and uncertainties can no doubt be ‘a lot.’ In between all, we are grateful for creatives like you whose words shine a light in dark places (in the lives of people)
Do you have quick tips for other creatives out there afraid to use their Art for just purposes. Perhaps unsure of what people may think. Or probably struggling with self doubt?

As a creative, self-doubt and people pleasing have been massive hurdles for me to get over. This is one of the reasons it is so important to allow Jesus to take us on a journey to discover our true identity – one that is not attached to our gifts and talents, but attached solely to being Sons and Daughters of our loving and gracious Heavenly Father. Loved before we ever did anything good, or anything ‘bad.’ Chosen before we were even born. When we allow the Lord to show us our identity, and we come to know who we truly are, it becomes much less paralyzing to take steps of courage and faith, and walk boldly into purpose.

In a post, you shared some thought provoking lines on how one can hold both joy and sorrow at once as long as one holds them with loved ones. Here, you redefined beauty. Can you please share a little more on this? Especially in regards creatives surrounding themselves with the right circle.

I am a perfectionist, and an idealist, which makes it difficult for me to see past the negative and focus on the positive. In my life I have often waited to feel ‘good’ about something until there was nothing negative to overshadow it. I have quickly found that we live in a fallen world, and there will always be both beauty and struggle, light and dark around us and in our own lives. In this particular post you’re referring to, I was spending time with my beloved family in a beautiful place, full of light and love, as we were grieving a devastating family tragedy. It was light and dark. It was joy and sorrow. It was not neither, but both. I believe that God designed us to live life in community. With family (or our ‘chosen’ family of friends and loved ones) by our sides to not go through the joys and sorrows of life alone, but to experience the gift of community that God created for us to thrive in. To rejoice with those who rejoice, and grieve with those who grieve. Creatives can sometimes be competitive with each other. Surround yourself with people who not only cheer you on, but with whom you can be THEIR greatest cheerleader as well.

We all have that unique story of finding a light at the end of various tunnels of our lives. Those moments when it feels like our backs are against the wall. But we believe one thing remains constant in the end- the undying and never failing love of God. What we like to describe as the one true source of strength, joy and fulfillment. Can you please share some glimpses of any moment like this for you? The challenge and how God came through for you.

I was grieving the loss of someone in my life. It was one of the darkest times for me, yet because of this, I was desperate for God. I couldn’t get through it without Him, so I clung to Him – even when I was angry at Him, or afraid of what was coming next. And in my desperation, God revealed himself to be closer than I even imagined he could be. I wrote my song ‘How Beautiful’ from this season.


It’s always beautiful to see a singer also play a music instrument. Yours is quite a rare and unique one. How you sing and play the harp is awe-inspiring. Can you please share a glimpse of your journey as a harpist?

My mom is a brilliant musician. Growing up, she would have harps, hammered dulcimers, melodicas, hurdy gurdies… every kind of instrument you’ve never think you’d see in person, just everywhere around the house. She would give lessons to my friends, and every once in a while I’d think ‘well, my friends can’t know how to play that if I don’t know how!’, so I’d sit in on their lessons. Harp was one of those for me. I didn’t know how special it was though, until I had moved to LA as an adult, and realized the harp was pretty unique. I began incorporating it into my music, and never turned back.

You beautifully combine being a singer, songwriter, harpist, and speaker. Yet, we understand how balancing work time and rest time is a struggle for many Creatives. Please can you share a few tips on how you try to balance work time, rest time and family time?

Resting is very hard for me, and a journey that I’ve taken with the Lord. I try to establish a weekly ‘Sabbath’, where I don’t do any work on that day, and only participate in and pursue things that rejuvenate me, or fill my spirit. It makes worlds of difference in my physical and spiritual well-being when I am faithful to do this well. And it has been so beautiful to see God work for me when I rest, rather than thinking I have to ‘make everything happen’ for myself as a hard working freelancer. God honors rest.

What would you consider most fulfilling about being an artist?

Being able to put words to experiences that help people feel seen and understood, and that can inspire forward movement for people to step out of fear and into freedom.

If you could do a collab as a singer and harpist with any other artist, what art would that be?

Ooh, I love dance, and would be so honored to have dancers create routines to my music.

Who are your ‘ICONS’ in the Creative Industry?

Someone who I look up to as an artist, who has abandoned the intriguing idol of ‘fame & glory’, and lives surrendered to Jesus for the Glory of God alone is Steffany Gretzinger.

What does success mean to you?

My idea of success is shifting lately. I picture what God will ask me when I enter the gates of Heaven. I think He might ask me if I loved well. If I am able to say “yes”, then THAT is success.

Let’s go a little poetic: If poetry is a rainbow and you have a choice of one color in that pallette, what would that be and why?

Oooh, I love mauve. It feels rich, yet hopeful, contemplative, yet joyful.

Please briefly tell us something we do not know about Megan Tibbits.

I was captain of the Caro High School Colorguard team.


Massive Love Megan!

The ICONIC Team.

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